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Teuchos_as.hpp File Reference
#include "Teuchos_Assert.hpp"
#include <limits>
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class  Teuchos::ValueTypeConversionTraits< TypeTo, TypeFrom >
 Default traits class for all conversions between value types. More...
class  Teuchos::asFunc< TypeTo >
 Function object wrapper for as(). More...
class  Teuchos::ValueTypeConversionTraits< int, double >
 Convert double to int, without compiler warnings, with optional range check. More...
class  Teuchos::ValueTypeConversionTraits< int, float >
 Convert float to int, without compiler warnings. More...
class  Teuchos::ValueTypeConversionTraits< std::string, char[N]>
 Convert raw C string to std::string. More...


namespace  Teuchos


template<class TypeTo , class TypeFrom >
TypeTo Teuchos::as (const TypeFrom &t)
template<class TypeTo , class TypeFrom >
TypeTo Teuchos::asSafe (const TypeFrom &t)
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