Zoltan 2 Version 0.5
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Zoltan2_AlgNatural.hpp File Reference

Natural ordering == identity permutation. More...

#include <Zoltan2_IdentifierModel.hpp>
#include <Zoltan2_OrderingSolution.hpp>
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namespace  Zoltan2


template<typename Adapter >
int Zoltan2::AlgNatural (const RCP< IdentifierModel< Adapter > > &model, const RCP< OrderingSolution< typename Adapter::gid_t, typename Adapter::lno_t > > &solution, const RCP< Teuchos::ParameterList > &pl, const RCP< Teuchos::Comm< int > > &comm)

Detailed Description

Natural ordering == identity permutation.

Definition in file Zoltan2_AlgNatural.hpp.