Zoltan 2 Version 0.5
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Zoltan2_InputTraits.hpp File Reference

Traits for application input objects. More...

#include <Zoltan2_Standards.hpp>
#include <Tpetra_CrsMatrix.hpp>
#include <Tpetra_CrsGraph.hpp>
#include <Epetra_CrsMatrix.h>
#include <Epetra_CrsGraph.h>
#include <Xpetra_CrsMatrix.hpp>
#include <Xpetra_CrsGraph.hpp>
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class  Zoltan2::BasicUserTypes< scalar, gid, lno, gno >
 A simple class that can be the User template argument for an InputAdapter. More...
struct  Zoltan2::InputTraits< User >
 The traits required of User input classes or structures. More...


namespace  Zoltan2


typedef int Zoltan2::default_lno_t
typedef double Zoltan2::default_scalar_t
typedef int Zoltan2::default_gno_t

Detailed Description

Traits for application input objects.

Definition in file Zoltan2_InputTraits.hpp.