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TestOtherClasses.cpp File Reference
#include "Epetra_Comm.h"
#include "Teuchos_ParameterList.hpp"
#include "Amesos.h"
#include "Epetra_CrsMatrix.h"
#include "Epetra_Map.h"
#include "Epetra_Vector.h"
#include "Epetra_LinearProblem.h"
#include "TestOtherClasses.h"
#include "PerformOneSolveAndTest.h"
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int TestOtherClasses (const char *AmesosClass, int EpetraMatrixType, Epetra_CrsMatrix *&Amat, const bool transpose, const bool verbose, const int Levels, const double Rcond, bool RowMapEqualsColMap, bool TestAddZeroToDiag, int ExpectedError, double &maxrelerror, double &maxrelresidual, int &NumTests)

Function Documentation

int TestOtherClasses ( const char *  AmesosClass,
int  EpetraMatrixType,
Epetra_CrsMatrix *&  Amat,
const bool  transpose,
const bool  verbose,
const int  Levels,
const double  Rcond,
bool  RowMapEqualsColMap,
bool  TestAddZeroToDiag,
int  ExpectedError,
double &  maxrelerror,
double &  maxrelresidual,
int &  NumTests 

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