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cholmod_common_struct Struct Reference
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struct  cholmod_method_struct

Public Attributes

double dbound
double grow0
double grow1
size_t grow2
size_t maxrank
double supernodal_switch
int supernodal
int final_asis
int final_super
int final_ll
int final_pack
int final_monotonic
int final_resymbol
double zrelax [3]
size_t nrelax [3]
int prefer_zomplex
int prefer_upper
int quick_return_if_not_posdef
int print
int precise
int(* print_function )(const char *,...)
int try_catch
void(* error_handler )(int status, char *file, int line, char *message)
int nmethods
int current
int selected
method [9/*maximum number of different methods that *cholmod_analyze can try.Must be >=9.*/+1]
int postorder
void *(* malloc_memory )(size_t)
void *(* realloc_memory )(void *, size_t)
void(* free_memory )(void *)
void *(* calloc_memory )(size_t, size_t)
int(* complex_divide )(double ax, double az, double bx, double bz, double *cx, double *cz)
double(* hypotenuse )(double x, double y)
double metis_memory
double metis_dswitch
size_t metis_nswitch
size_t nrow
UF_long mark
size_t iworksize
size_t xworksize
void * Flag
void * Head
void * Xwork
void * Iwork
int itype
int dtype
int no_workspace_reallocate
int status
double fl
double lnz
double anz
double modfl
size_t malloc_count
size_t memory_usage
size_t memory_inuse
double nrealloc_col
double nrealloc_factor
double ndbounds_hit
double rowfacfl
double aatfl
double other1 [16]
UF_long other2 [16]
int other3 [13]
int prefer_binary
int default_nesdis
int called_nd
size_t other4 [16]
void * other5 [16]

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