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Amesos2::ConcreteMatrixAdapter< Epetra_CrsMatrix > Class Template Reference

MatrixAdapter definitions for Epetra_CrsMatrix objects. More...

#include <Amesos2_EpetraCrsMatrix_MatrixAdapter_decl.hpp>

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Public Types

typedef Epetra_CrsMatrix matrix_t
typedef super_t::scalar_t scalar_t
typedef super_t::local_ordinal_t local_ordinal_t
typedef super_t::global_ordinal_t global_ordinal_t
typedef super_t::node_t node_t
typedef super_t::global_size_t global_size_t
typedef ConcreteMatrixAdapter
< matrix_t > 

Public Member Functions

 ConcreteMatrixAdapter (RCP< matrix_t > m)
RCP< const MatrixAdapter
< matrix_t > > 
get_impl (const Teuchos::Ptr< const Tpetra::Map< local_ordinal_t, global_ordinal_t, node_t > > map) const

Private Types

< Epetra_RowMatrix,
Epetra_CrsMatrix > 


class MatrixAdapter< Epetra_RowMatrix >

Detailed Description

class Amesos2::ConcreteMatrixAdapter< Epetra_CrsMatrix >

MatrixAdapter definitions for Epetra_CrsMatrix objects.

Defines only the get_impl() method, which returns an instance of a Amesos2::MatrixAdapter whose underlying matrix has the given distribution based on the Tpetra::Map.

All other significant functionality is inherited from this class's superclass.

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