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Amesos2 MultiVector Adapters
Amesos2 Linear Algebra Object Adapters
Collaboration diagram for Amesos2 MultiVector Adapters:


class  Amesos2::MultiVecAdapter< Epetra_MultiVector >
 Amesos2 adapter for the Epetra_MultiVector class. More...
struct  Amesos2::MultiVecAdapter< MV >
 A templated MultiVector class adapter for Amesos2. More...
class  Amesos2::MultiVecAdapter< Tpetra::MultiVector< Scalar, LocalOrdinal, GlobalOrdinal, Node > >
 Amesos2 adapter for the Tpetra::MultiVector class. More...

Detailed Description

Amesos2 solver interfaces are most interested in being able to access and update the values found in multivectors. This is the primary goal of the Amesos2 multivector adapters. They provide methods for querying properties of the multivector (number of vectors, length, etc), for getting copies of the values stored in the multivector, and for updating the values (e.g. once a solution vector has been found, put this solution in the multivector).