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Supported Solver Parameters
Amesos2 Solvers
Collaboration diagram for Supported Solver Parameters:

Many third-party solvers support a vast amount of parameters to control factorization and solution. An effort has been made in Amesos2 to expose to users as many of those parameters as reasonably possible. Not all parameters may be supported, but if there is one that you would like to have exposed, then contact the Amesos2 developers and we may be able to work something out for you.


The following parameters are currently acted upon by Amesos2 solvers:

We plan in the future to support the following parameters:

Solver-specific Parameters


Currently, the following SuperLU parameters/options are recognized and acted upon:


The following SuperLU_MT parameters/options are recognized:

Note that the nprocs, panel_size, and relax options are recognized by SuperLU_MT but not by SuperLU. Note also that it is no typo in "trans", it really is lower-case (as opposed to upper-case in SuperLU)


Currently, the following SuperLU_DIST parameters/options are recognized:

Pardiso MKL

The Pardiso MKL parameters that are currently recognized are:

Please see the Pardiso MKL documentation for a summary of the meaning and valid values for each parameter.


The LAPACK interface supports the following parameters: