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Amesos2::MultiVecAdapter< MV > Struct Template Reference

A templated MultiVector class adapter for Amesos2. More...

#include <Amesos2_MultiVecAdapter_decl.hpp>

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template<class MV >
Teuchos::RCP< MultiVecAdapter
< MV > > 
createMultiVecAdapter (Teuchos::RCP< MV > mv)
 Factory creation method for MultiVecAdapters.

Detailed Description

template<class MV>
struct Amesos2::MultiVecAdapter< MV >

A templated MultiVector class adapter for Amesos2.

Specializations of this templated class provide a unified interface to MultiVector types for Amesos2. Any specializations are expected to implement the following methods:

Implementation Requirements:

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template<class MV >
Teuchos::RCP< MultiVecAdapter< MV > > createMultiVecAdapter ( Teuchos::RCP< MV >  mv) [related]

Factory creation method for MultiVecAdapters.

Developers should favor this method for creating Amesos2 MultiVector adapters over using the constructors.

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