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Belos::StatusTest< ScalarType, MV, OP > Member List
This is the complete list of members for Belos::StatusTest< ScalarType, MV, OP >, including all inherited members.
checkStatus(Iteration< ScalarType, MV, OP > *iSolver)=0Belos::StatusTest< ScalarType, MV, OP > [pure virtual]
describe(FancyOStream &out, const EVerbosityLevel verbLevel=verbLevel_default) const Teuchos::Describable [virtual]
describe(const Describable &describable, const EVerbosityLevel verbLevel=Describable::verbLevel_default)Teuchos::Describable
description() const Teuchos::Describable [virtual]
getObjectLabel() const Teuchos::LabeledObject [virtual]
getStatus() const =0Belos::StatusTest< ScalarType, MV, OP > [pure virtual]
operator<<(std::ostream &os, const DescribableStreamManipulatorState &d)Teuchos::Describable
print(std::ostream &os, int indent=0) const =0Belos::StatusTest< ScalarType, MV, OP > [pure virtual]
printStatus(std::ostream &os, StatusType type) const Belos::StatusTest< ScalarType, MV, OP > [inline, virtual]
reset()=0Belos::StatusTest< ScalarType, MV, OP > [pure virtual]
setObjectLabel(const std::string &objectLabel)Teuchos::LabeledObject [virtual]
StatusTest()Belos::StatusTest< ScalarType, MV, OP > [inline]
verbLevel_defaultTeuchos::Describable [static]
~LabeledObject()Teuchos::LabeledObject [virtual]
~StatusTest()Belos::StatusTest< ScalarType, MV, OP > [inline, virtual]
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