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EpetraExt_MatrixMatrix.cpp File Reference
#include <EpetraExt_ConfigDefs.h>
#include <EpetraExt_MatrixMatrix.h>
#include <EpetraExt_MMHelpers.h>
#include <EpetraExt_Transpose_RowMatrix.h>
#include <Epetra_Export.h>
#include <Epetra_Import.h>
#include <Epetra_Util.h>
#include <Epetra_Map.h>
#include <Epetra_Comm.h>
#include <Epetra_CrsMatrix.h>
#include <Epetra_Directory.h>
#include <Epetra_HashTable.h>
#include <Epetra_Distributor.h>
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namespace  EpetraExt

EpetraExt::BlockCrsMatrix: A class for constructing a distributed block matrix.


double EpetraExt::sparsedot (double *u, int *u_ind, int u_len, double *v, int *v_ind, int v_len)
 Method for internal use...
int EpetraExt::mult_A_B (CrsMatrixStruct &Aview, CrsMatrixStruct &Bview, CrsWrapper &C)
int EpetraExt::mult_A_Btrans (CrsMatrixStruct &Aview, CrsMatrixStruct &Bview, CrsWrapper &C)
int EpetraExt::mult_Atrans_B (CrsMatrixStruct &Aview, CrsMatrixStruct &Bview, CrsWrapper &C)
int EpetraExt::mult_Atrans_Btrans (CrsMatrixStruct &Aview, CrsMatrixStruct &Bview, CrsWrapper &C)
int EpetraExt::import_and_extract_views (const Epetra_CrsMatrix &M, const Epetra_Map &targetMap, CrsMatrixStruct &Mview)
int EpetraExt::form_map_union (const Epetra_Map *map1, const Epetra_Map *map2, const Epetra_Map *&mapunion)
Epetra_MapEpetraExt::find_rows_containing_cols (const Epetra_CrsMatrix &M, const Epetra_Map &column_map)
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