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fei::MatrixTraits< T > Member List
This is the complete list of members for fei::MatrixTraits< T >, including all inherited members.
copyOutRow(T *mat, int row, int len, double *coefs, int *indices)fei::MatrixTraits< T > [inline, static]
getNumLocalRows(T *mat, int &numRows)fei::MatrixTraits< T > [inline, static]
getRowLength(T *mat, int row, int &length)fei::MatrixTraits< T > [inline, static]
globalAssemble(T *A)fei::MatrixTraits< T > [inline, static]
matvec(T *A, fei::Vector *x, fei::Vector *y)fei::MatrixTraits< T > [inline, static]
putValuesIn(T *mat, int numRows, const int *rows, int numCols, const int *cols, const double *const *values, bool sum_into)fei::MatrixTraits< T > [inline, static]
setValues(T *mat, double scalar)fei::MatrixTraits< T > [inline, static]
typeName()fei::MatrixTraits< T > [inline, static]
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