Ifpack2 Templated Preconditioning Package Version 1.0
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Ifpack2_Details_Chebyshev_decl.hpp File Reference

Declaration of Chebyshev implementation. More...

#include <Ifpack2_ConfigDefs.hpp>
#include <Tpetra_CrsMatrix.hpp>

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class  Ifpack2::Details::Chebyshev< ScalarType, MV, MAT >
 Left-scaled Chebyshev iteration. More...


namespace  Ifpack2

Ifpack2::Container: a pure virtual class for creating and solving local linear problems.

namespace  Details

Ifpack2 implementation details.

Detailed Description

Declaration of Chebyshev implementation.

Mark Hoemmen

This file is meant for Ifpack2 developers only, not for users. It declares a new implementation of Chebyshev iteration.

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