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MOERTEL::Function_DualLinear1D Class Reference

A 1D dual linear shape function More...

#include <mrtr_functions.H>

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 Function_DualLinear1D (int out)
 Function_DualLinear1D (const MOERTEL::Function_DualLinear1D &old)
virtual MOERTEL::FunctionClone () const
 Clone method.
virtual ~Function_DualLinear1D ()
bool EvaluateFunction (const MOERTEL::Segment &seg, const double *xi, double *val, const int valdim, double *deriv)
 Evaluate the function and derivatives at a given local coordinate.

Detailed Description

A 1D dual linear shape function

phi_1 = -1.5*xi+0.5
phi_2 = 1.5*xi+0.5
phi_1,xi = -1.5
phi_2,xi = 1.5

Glen Hansen (

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

MOERTEL::Function_DualLinear1D::Function_DualLinear1D ( int  out) [inline]


out: Level of output information written to stdout ( 0 - 10 )

Member Function Documentation

MOERTEL::Function * MOERTEL::Function_DualLinear1D::Clone ( ) const [virtual]

Clone method.

Makes a deep copy of this instance and returns a pointer to it.

Implements MOERTEL::Function.

bool MOERTEL::Function_DualLinear1D::EvaluateFunction ( const MOERTEL::Segment seg,
const double *  xi,
double *  val,
const int  valdim,
double *  deriv 
) [virtual]

Evaluate the function and derivatives at a given local coordinate.

xi(in) : Local coordinate where to evaluate the function
val(out) : Function values at xi, dimension 2, if NULL on input no evaluation
valdim(in) : Dimension of val should be 2
deriv(out) : Derivative of functions at xi, dimension 4, if NULL on input no evaluation

Implements MOERTEL::Function.

References MOERTEL::ReportError().

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