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Thyra::NOXNonlinearSolver Class Reference

Concrete nonlinear solver for NOX. More...

#include <Thyra_NonlinearSolver_NOX.hpp>

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Public Member Functions

void setBasePoint (const ModelEvaluatorBase::InArgs< double > &modelInArgs)
RCP< const NOX::Solver::GenericgetNOXSolver () const
Overridden from ParameterListAcceptor
void setParameterList (RCP< Teuchos::ParameterList > const &paramList)
RCP< Teuchos::ParameterListgetNonconstParameterList ()
RCP< Teuchos::ParameterListunsetParameterList ()
RCP< const Teuchos::ParameterListgetParameterList () const
RCP< const Teuchos::ParameterListgetValidParameters () const
Overridden from NonlinearSolverBase
void setModel (const RCP< const ModelEvaluator< double > > &model)
RCP< const ModelEvaluator
< double > > 
getModel () const
SolveStatus< double > solve (VectorBase< double > *x, const SolveCriteria< double > *solveCriteria, VectorBase< double > *delta)
RCP< const VectorBase< double > > get_current_x () const
bool is_W_current () const
RCP< LinearOpWithSolveBase
< double > > 
get_nonconst_W (const bool forceUpToDate)
RCP< const
LinearOpWithSolveBase< double > > 
get_W () const

Detailed Description

Concrete nonlinear solver for NOX.

This class implemets a NOX nonlinear solver of type <double>.

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