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Piro::Epetra::MatrixFreeOperator Class Reference

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void setBase (const EpetraExt::ModelEvaluator::InArgs modelInArgs_, Teuchos::RCP< Epetra_Vector > fBase, const bool haveXdot_)
 Method to save base solution and residual.
 MatrixFreeOperator (const Teuchos::RCP< EpetraExt::ModelEvaluator > &model, double lambda_=1.0e-6)
Overridden from Epetra_Operator .
int SetUseTranspose (bool UseTranspose)
int Apply (const Epetra_MultiVector &V, Epetra_MultiVector &Y) const
int ApplyInverse (const Epetra_MultiVector &X, Epetra_MultiVector &Y) const
double NormInf () const
const char * Label () const
bool UseTranspose () const
bool HasNormInf () const
const Epetra_Comm & Comm () const
const Epetra_Map & OperatorDomainMap () const
const Epetra_Map & OperatorRangeMap () const

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