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tradvec_example.cpp File Reference
#include "Sacado_tradvec.hpp"
#include <stdio.h>
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struct  ExpectedAnswer


typedef Sacado::RadVec::ADvar
< double > 


ADVar foo (double d, ADVar x, ADVar y)
ADVar goo (double d, ADVar x, ADVar y)
int botch (ExpectedAnswer *e, const char *partial, double got, double wanted)
int acheck (int k, double d, double v, double dvdx, double dvdy)
int main (void)


static ExpectedAnswer expected [4]

Typedef Documentation

typedef Sacado::RadVec::ADvar<double> ADVar

Definition at line 49 of file tradvec_example.cpp.

Function Documentation

ADVar foo ( double  d,
ADVar  x,
ADVar  y 

Definition at line 52 of file tradvec_example.cpp.

ADVar goo ( double  d,
ADVar  x,
ADVar  y 

Definition at line 56 of file tradvec_example.cpp.

int botch ( ExpectedAnswer e,
const char *  partial,
double  got,
double  wanted 

Definition at line 74 of file tradvec_example.cpp.

int acheck ( int  k,
double  d,
double  v,
double  dvdx,
double  dvdy 

Definition at line 89 of file tradvec_example.cpp.

int main ( void  )

Definition at line 107 of file tradvec_example.cpp.

Variable Documentation

ExpectedAnswer expected[4] [static]
Initial value:
  { "a", 6., 3., 2. },
  { "b", 13., 4., 6. },
  { "c", 19., 7., 8. },
  { "(a + b + c)", 38., 14., 16. }}

Definition at line 67 of file tradvec_example.cpp.

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