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Sacado::Fad::Fad_LAPACK< OrdinalType, FadType > Class Template Reference

Fad specializations for Teuchos::LAPACK wrappers. More...

#include <Sacado_Fad_LAPACK.hpp>

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Public Member Functions

void GESV (const OrdinalType n, const OrdinalType nrhs, FadType *A, const OrdinalType lda, OrdinalType *IPIV, FadType *B, const OrdinalType ldb, OrdinalType *info) const
 Computes the solution to a real system of linear equations.
 Fad_LAPACK (bool use_default_impl=true, bool use_dynamic=true, OrdinalType static_workspace_size=0)
 Default constructor.
 Fad_LAPACK (const Fad_LAPACK &x)
 Copy constructor.
virtual ~Fad_LAPACK ()

Protected Member Functions

void Fad_GESV () const
 Implementation of GESV.

Protected Attributes

ArrayTraits< OrdinalType, FadType > arrayTraits
 ArrayTraits for packing/unpacking value/derivative arrays.
Teuchos::LAPACK< OrdinalType,
ValueType > 
 LAPACK for values.
bool use_default_impl
 Use custom or default implementation.

Detailed Description

template<typename OrdinalType, typename FadType>
class Sacado::Fad::Fad_LAPACK< OrdinalType, FadType >

Fad specializations for Teuchos::LAPACK wrappers.

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