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Signal.hpp File Reference
#include <string>
#include <setjmp.h>
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namespace  sierra
namespace  sierra::Env

Namespace Env contains the runtime environment bootstrap for the MPI, logging, command line argument parsing, runtime information and signal handling.


void sierra::Env::activate_signals ()
 Function activate_signals enables the signal handlers.
void sierra::Env::deactivate_signals ()
 Function deactivate_signals disables the signal handlers.
sigjmp_buf * sierra::Env::get_sigjmpbuf ()
 Function get_sigjmpbuf enables signal handling and returns a pointer to the jump buffer for ::sigsetjmp and ::siglongjmp().
const std::string & sierra::Env::get_signal_message ()
 Function disable_siglongjmp disables the long jump buffer. When signals are received, they return to the caller without long jumping to the set jump point.
bool sierra::Env::HUP_received ()
 Function request_shutdown sets the shutdown requested flag so that future calls to shutdown_requested() return true;.
bool sierra::Env::shutdown_requested ()
 Function shutdown_requested returns true if an application shutdown has requested via the request_shutdown has been called.

Detailed Description

Signal handling is enabled via the activate_signals() function. The following signal behaviors are actived:

HUP Sets the shutdown_request flag. TERM Long jumps with Termiante signal received message. SEGV Long jumps with Segmentation violation error message. BUS Long jumps with Bus error message. ILL Long jumps with Illegal instruction error message.

Definition in file Signal.hpp.

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