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eastl::generic_iterator< Iterator, Container > Class Template Reference

#include <generic_iterator_eastl.h>

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Public Types

typedef eastl::iterator_traits
< Iterator >
typedef eastl::iterator_traits
< Iterator >::value_type 
typedef eastl::iterator_traits
< Iterator >::difference_type 
typedef eastl::iterator_traits
< Iterator >::reference 
typedef eastl::iterator_traits
< Iterator >::pointer 
typedef Iterator iterator_type
typedef Container container_type
typedef generic_iterator
< Iterator, Container > 

Public Member Functions

 generic_iterator (const iterator_type &x)
this_typeoperator= (const iterator_type &x)
template<typename Iterator2 >
 generic_iterator (const generic_iterator< Iterator2, Container > &x)
reference operator* () const
pointer operator-> () const
this_typeoperator++ ()
this_type operator++ (int)
this_typeoperator-- ()
this_type operator-- (int)
reference operator[] (const difference_type &n) const
this_typeoperator+= (const difference_type &n)
this_type operator+ (const difference_type &n) const
this_typeoperator-= (const difference_type &n)
this_type operator- (const difference_type &n) const
const iterator_type & base () const

Protected Attributes

Iterator mIterator

Detailed Description

template<typename Iterator, typename Container = void>
class eastl::generic_iterator< Iterator, Container >


Converts something which can be iterated into a formal iterator. While this class' primary purpose is to allow the conversion of a pointer to an iterator, you can convert anything else to an iterator by defining an iterator_traits<> specialization for that object type. See EASTL iterator.h for this.

Example usage: typedef generic_iterator<int*> IntArrayIterator; typedef generic_iterator<int*, char> IntArrayIteratorOther;

Definition at line 75 of file generic_iterator_eastl.h.

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