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stk::util::ParallelIndex< K, P, D > Class Template Reference

Parallel cross-reference index for a collection of 'Key' keys. More...

#include <ParallelIndex.hpp>

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Public Types

typedef K Key
typedef P Proc
typedef D Decomp
typedef std::pair< Key, Proc > KeyProc

Public Member Functions

 ParallelIndex (ParallelMachine comm, const std::vector< Key > &local)
 Construct with locally-submitted keys.
void query (std::vector< KeyProc > &global) const
 Query which other processors submitted the same keys that the local processor submitted.
void query (const std::vector< Key > &local, std::vector< KeyProc > &global) const
 Query which processors submitted the given keys. The local processor is in the output if it submitted a queried key.

Detailed Description

template<class K = uint64_t, class P = unsigned, class D = ParallelIndexDecomp<K, P>>
class stk::util::ParallelIndex< K, P, D >

Parallel cross-reference index for a collection of 'Key' keys.

Each processor constructs a ParallelIndex with its local collection of keys. The resulting ParallelIndex may be queried for

  • which other processors input the same local keys or
  • which processors submitted an arbitrary set of keys.

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