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Run-time Environment
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 Command Line Options

Parses command line options in a parallel environment. Also formats and writes --help and -h command line option output.

 Output Logging

Output logging is responsible for connecting program's output streams (sierra::out(), sierra::pout(), any std::ostream) to output log files (a disk file, stdout, etc).

 Toggling Log Output

Log control provides a mechanism reduce excessive log file output.

 Runtime Message Reporting, Warnings and Dooms (Errors)

Runtime messages are warning and errors which may occur in parallel that need to be reported to the anaylst which may need to be collected to a root processor and written with greater emphasis than regular output.

Detailed Description

The runtime environment include classes and function for MPI

initialize/finalize, thread library initialize/finalize, command line handling, time and memory measurement functions, and signal management/handling. Possibly includes parallel exception handling and unified error, warning, and other diagnostic information reporting.

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