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stk::rebalance Namespace Reference


class  GeomDecomp
 Class for determining the optimal partitioning of mesh entities. More...
class  Partition
 Initialized with a list of mesh entities unique to each processor. More...


typedef mesh::Field< double,
typedef mesh::Field< double > ScalarField
typedef Teuchos::ParameterList Parameters


bool rebalance (mesh::BulkData &bulk_data, const mesh::Selector &selector, const VectorField *coord_ref, const ScalarField *elem_weight_ref, Partition &partition, const stk::mesh::EntityRank rank=stk::mesh::InvalidEntityRank)
 Rebalance with a Partition object.

Detailed Description

Rebalance API

Function Documentation

bool stk::rebalance::rebalance ( mesh::BulkData bulk_data,
const mesh::Selector selector,
const VectorField coord_ref,
const ScalarField elem_weight_ref,
Partition partition,
const stk::mesh::EntityRank  rank = stk::mesh::InvalidEntityRank 

Rebalance with a Partition object.

bulk_dataBulkData must be in a parallel consistent state.
selectorUsed to select a subset of mesh entities to compute measure.
coord_refThe field containing the nodal coordinates. For the default ZoltanPartition class in stk::reblance, this should be non-NULL.
elem_weight_refThis field will be used by the Partition class and can be NULL.
PartitionThe base class of a derived class that is used to determine the new partition. See the ZoltanPartition class for an example.
rankRank of the entities elem_weight_ref is defined on.

This rebalance function will use the Partition object passed to perform the rebalancing. It will be necessary to use one of the pre-defined derived classes in stk::rebalance, like ZoltanPartition, or to define your own.

Definition at line 164 of file Rebalance.cpp.

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