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eastl::hash_code_base< Key, Value, ExtractKey, Equal, H1, H2, H, false > Struct Template Reference

#include <hashtable_eastl.h>

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Public Member Functions

H1 hash_function () const
Equal equal_function () const
const Equal & key_eq () const
Equal & key_eq ()

Protected Types

typedef void * hash_code_t
typedef uint32_t bucket_index_t

Protected Member Functions

 hash_code_base (const ExtractKey &extractKey, const Equal &eq, const H1 &, const H2 &, const H &h)
hash_code_t get_hash_code (const Key &key) const
bucket_index_t bucket_index (hash_code_t, uint32_t) const
bucket_index_t bucket_index (const Key &key, hash_code_t, uint32_t nBucketCount) const
bucket_index_t bucket_index (const hash_node< Value, false > *pNode, uint32_t nBucketCount) const
bool compare (const Key &key, hash_code_t, hash_node< Value, false > *pNode) const
void copy_code (hash_node< Value, false > *, const hash_node< Value, false > *) const
void set_code (hash_node< Value, false > *pDest, hash_code_t c) const
void base_swap (hash_code_base &x)

Protected Attributes

ExtractKey mExtractKey
Equal mEqual

Detailed Description

template<typename Key, typename Value, typename ExtractKey, typename Equal, typename H1, typename H2, typename H>
struct eastl::hash_code_base< Key, Value, ExtractKey, Equal, H1, H2, H, false >


Specialization: ranged hash function, no caching hash codes. H1 and H2 are provided but ignored. We define a dummy hash code type.

Definition at line 491 of file hashtable_eastl.h.

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