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stk::rebalance::Zoltan::MeshInfo Struct Reference

A structure to organize the mesh entity data. More...

#include <ZoltanPartition.hpp>

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Public Member Functions

 MeshInfo ()
 Default Constructor.
 ~MeshInfo ()

Public Attributes

std::vector< mesh::Entity * > mesh_entities
const VectorFieldnodal_coord_ref
const ScalarFieldelem_weight_ref
std::vector< unsigned > dest_proc_ids

Detailed Description

A structure to organize the mesh entity data.

mesh_entitiesVector of mesh entities to balance these can span multiple regons.
nodal_coord_refCoordinate reference defined on the nodes of the entities in mesh_entities.
elem_weight_refElement weight used in determining the new partition.
dest_proc_idsA vector of same length at mesh_entities that will be filled with the new owner processor.

A geometric decomposition can be constructed from one or more regions; furthermore, for each region, the decomposition can be based on any type of mesh entity. Each region has it's own node coordinate field and weight field.

Mesh entities are organized according to a vector of MeshInfo structures. The major index of a mesh entity is the index of the MeshInfo vector and the minor index is the index within the mesh_entities vector.

A unique global id is constructed by taking the major index of the MeshInfo vector along with the global_id() of the individual mesh entity. Together these two integers should form a unique global identification across all processors.

Definition at line 89 of file ZoltanPartition.hpp.

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