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Stokhos::OrthogPolyBasis< ordinal_type, value_type > Class Template Reference

Abstract base class for multivariate orthogonal polynomials. More...

#include <Stokhos_OrthogPolyBasis.hpp>

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Public Member Functions

 OrthogPolyBasis ()
virtual ~OrthogPolyBasis ()
virtual ordinal_type order () const =0
 Return order of basis.
virtual ordinal_type dimension () const =0
 Return dimension of basis.
virtual ordinal_type size () const =0
 Return total size of basis.
virtual const Teuchos::Array
< value_type > & 
norm_squared () const =0
 Return array storing norm-squared of each basis polynomial.
virtual const value_type & norm_squared (ordinal_type i) const =0
 Return norm squared of basis polynomial i.
virtual Teuchos::RCP
< Stokhos::Sparse3Tensor
< ordinal_type, value_type > > 
computeTripleProductTensor (ordinal_type order) const =0
 Compute triple product tensor.
virtual value_type evaluateZero (ordinal_type i) const =0
 Evaluate basis polynomial i at zero.
virtual void evaluateBases (const Teuchos::ArrayView< const value_type > &point, Teuchos::Array< value_type > &basis_vals) const =0
 Evaluate basis polynomials at given point point.
virtual void print (std::ostream &os) const =0
 Print basis to stream os.
virtual const std::string & getName () const =0
 Return string name of basis.

Detailed Description

template<typename ordinal_type, typename value_type>
class Stokhos::OrthogPolyBasis< ordinal_type, value_type >

Abstract base class for multivariate orthogonal polynomials.

This class provides an abstract interface for multivariate orthogonal polynomials. Orthogonality is defined by the inner product

\[ (f,g) = \langle fg \rangle = \int_{R^d} f(x)g(x) \rho(x) dx \]

where $\rho$ is the density function of the measure associated with the orthogonal polynomials and $d$ is the dimension of the domain.

Like most classes in Stokhos, the class is templated on the ordinal and value types. Typically ordinal_type = int and value_type = double.

Member Function Documentation

template<typename ordinal_type, typename value_type>
virtual Teuchos::RCP< Stokhos::Sparse3Tensor<ordinal_type, value_type> > Stokhos::OrthogPolyBasis< ordinal_type, value_type >::computeTripleProductTensor ( ordinal_type  order) const [pure virtual]
template<typename ordinal_type, typename value_type>
virtual void Stokhos::OrthogPolyBasis< ordinal_type, value_type >::evaluateBases ( const Teuchos::ArrayView< const value_type > &  point,
Teuchos::Array< value_type > &  basis_vals 
) const [pure virtual]
template<typename ordinal_type, typename value_type>
virtual const Teuchos::Array<value_type>& Stokhos::OrthogPolyBasis< ordinal_type, value_type >::norm_squared ( ) const [pure virtual]

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