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Stokhos::SGPreconditionerFactory Class Reference

Factory for generating stochastic Galerkin preconditioners. More...

#include <Stokhos_SGPreconditionerFactory.hpp>

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Public Member Functions

 SGPreconditionerFactory (const Teuchos::RCP< Teuchos::ParameterList > &params)
virtual ~SGPreconditionerFactory ()
virtual bool isPrecSupported () const
 Return whether a preconditioner will be supported.
virtual Teuchos::RCP
< Stokhos::SGPreconditioner
build (const Teuchos::RCP< const EpetraExt::MultiComm > &sg_comm, const Teuchos::RCP< const Stokhos::OrthogPolyBasis< int, double > > &sg_basis, const Teuchos::RCP< const Stokhos::EpetraSparse3Tensor > &epetraCijk, const Teuchos::RCP< const Epetra_Map > &base_map, const Teuchos::RCP< const Epetra_Map > &sg_map)
 Build preconditioner operator.

Protected Member Functions

< Stokhos::AbstractPreconditionerFactory
buildMeanPreconditionerFactory ()
 Build preconditioner factory for mean.

Protected Attributes

< Teuchos::ParameterList > 
 Preconditioner parameters.
std::string prec_method
 Preconditioner method.

Detailed Description

Factory for generating stochastic Galerkin preconditioners.

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