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Teko::JacobiPreconditionerFactory Class Reference

#include <Teko_JacobiPreconditionerFactory.hpp>

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Public Member Functions

LinearOp buildPreconditionerOperator (BlockedLinearOp &blo, BlockPreconditionerState &state) const
 Create the Jacobi preconditioner operator.
Teuchos::RCP< const
getInvDiagStrategy () const
 Get inv diagonal strategy.
 JacobiPreconditionerFactory (const LinearOp &invD0, const LinearOp &invD1)
 JacobiPreconditionerFactory (const RCP< const BlockInvDiagonalStrategy > &strategy)
 JacobiPreconditionerFactory ()

Protected Member Functions

virtual void initializeFromParameterList (const Teuchos::ParameterList &pl)
 Initialize from a parameter list.

Protected Attributes

Teuchos::RCP< const
 some members

Detailed Description

A block diagonal preconditioner.

The use must specify an iverse for each diagonal. If a specific integer is not specified, then the default "Inverse Type" is used.

       <Parameter name="Type" type="string" value="Block Jacobi"/>
       <Parameter name="Inverse Type" type="string" value="<Some Inverse Factory>"/>
       <Parameter name="Inverse Type 1" type="string" value="<Some Inverse Factory>"/>
       <Parameter name="Inverse Type 2" type="string" value="<Some Inverse Factory>"/>
       <Parameter name="Inverse Type 3" type="string" value="<Some Inverse Factory>"/>
       <Parameter name="Inverse Type 4" type="string" value="<Some Inverse Factory>"/>
       <Parameter name="Inverse Type 5" type="string" value="<Some Inverse Factory>"/>

Definition at line 72 of file Teko_JacobiPreconditionerFactory.hpp.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Teko::JacobiPreconditionerFactory::JacobiPreconditionerFactory ( const LinearOp &  invD0,
const LinearOp &  invD1 

Construct a PreconditionerFactory assuming a specific block $2\times2$ matrix. This case is a simple one.

Definition at line 53 of file Teko_JacobiPreconditionerFactory.cpp.

Teko::JacobiPreconditionerFactory::JacobiPreconditionerFactory ( const RCP< const BlockInvDiagonalStrategy > &  strategy)

The most flexible JacobiPreconditionerFactory constructor. Pass in a generally defined BlockInvDiagonalStrategy to use the full generality of this class.

Definition at line 57 of file Teko_JacobiPreconditionerFactory.cpp.

Teko::JacobiPreconditionerFactory::JacobiPreconditionerFactory ( )

Build an empty Jacobi preconditioner factory.

Build a Jacobi preconditioner factory from a parameter list

Definition at line 63 of file Teko_JacobiPreconditionerFactory.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

LinearOp Teko::JacobiPreconditionerFactory::buildPreconditionerOperator ( BlockedLinearOp &  blo,
BlockPreconditionerState state 
) const [virtual]

Create the Jacobi preconditioner operator.

This method breaks apart the BlockLinearOp and builds a block diagonal preconditioner. The inverse of the diagonals are specified by the BlockInvDiagonalStrategy object.

Implements Teko::BlockPreconditionerFactory.

Definition at line 66 of file Teko_JacobiPreconditionerFactory.cpp.

Teuchos::RCP<const BlockInvDiagonalStrategy> Teko::JacobiPreconditionerFactory::getInvDiagStrategy ( ) const [inline]

Get inv diagonal strategy.

Definition at line 103 of file Teko_JacobiPreconditionerFactory.hpp.

void Teko::JacobiPreconditionerFactory::initializeFromParameterList ( const Teuchos::ParameterList &  pl) [protected, virtual]

Initialize from a parameter list.

Reimplemented from Teko::PreconditionerFactory.

Definition at line 103 of file Teko_JacobiPreconditionerFactory.cpp.

Member Data Documentation

some members

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