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Teuchos::BoolValidatorDependencyXMLConverter Class Reference

An xml converter for BoolValidatorDependencies. More...

#include <Teuchos_StandardDependencyXMLConverters.hpp>

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Teuchos::ValidatorDependencyXMLConverter Teuchos::DependencyXMLConverter Teuchos::Describable Teuchos::LabeledObject

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Public Member Functions

Overridden from ValidatorDependencyConverter
void convertSpecialValidatorAttributes (RCP< const ValidatorDependency > dependency, XMLObject &xmlObj, ValidatortoIDMap &validatorIDsMap) const
RCP< ValidatorDependencyconvertSpecialValidatorAttributes (const XMLObject &xmlObj, RCP< const ParameterEntry > dependee, const Dependency::ParameterEntryList dependents, const IDtoValidatorMap &validatorIDsMap) const

Detailed Description

An xml converter for BoolValidatorDependencies.

The valid XML representation of a BoolValidatorDependency is:

    <Dependency type="BoolValidatorDependency"
      trueValidatorId="Id of the true validator"
      falseValidatorId="Id of the false validator"
      <Dependee parameterId="Id of dependee parameter"/>
      <Dependent parameterId="Id of dependent parameter"/>
      ...Any other dependent parameters...

You don't have to include both a "trueValidatorId" and "falseValidatorId" XML attribute, but you must include at least one of them.

Definition at line 534 of file Teuchos_StandardDependencyXMLConverters.hpp.

Member Function Documentation

void Teuchos::BoolValidatorDependencyXMLConverter::convertSpecialValidatorAttributes ( RCP< const ValidatorDependency dependency,
XMLObject xmlObj,
ValidatortoIDMap validatorIDsMap 
) const [virtual]
RCP< ValidatorDependency > Teuchos::BoolValidatorDependencyXMLConverter::convertSpecialValidatorAttributes ( const XMLObject xmlObj,
RCP< const ParameterEntry dependee,
const Dependency::ParameterEntryList  dependents,
const IDtoValidatorMap validatorIDsMap 
) const [virtual]

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