Zoltan2 Version of the Day
Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
Zoltan2::BasicCoordinateInput< User >BasicCoordinateInput represents geometric coordinates that are supplied by the user as pointers to strided arrays
Zoltan2::BasicIdentifierInput< User >This class represents a collection of global Identifiers and their associated weights, if any
Zoltan2::BasicUserTypes< scalar, gid, lno, gno >A simple class that can be the User template argument for an InputAdapter
Zoltan2::BasicVectorInput< User >BasicVectorInput represents a vector (plus optional weights) supplied by the user as pointers to strided arrays
CircleHole< T >
CoordinateDistribution< T, lno_t, gno_t >
CoordinateGridDistribution< T, lno_t, gno_t >
Zoltan2::CoordinateInput< User >CoordinateInput defines the interface for input geometric coordinates
Zoltan2::CoordinateModel< Adapter >This class provides geometric coordinates with optional weights to the Zoltan2 algorithm
CoordinateNormalDistribution< T, lno_t, gno_t >
CoordinatePoint< T >
CoordinateUniformDistribution< T, lno_t, gno_t >
CubeHole< T >
Zoltan2::DebugManagerDebugManager contains the methods that perform output of debug and status messages
Zoltan2::EnvironmentThe user parameters, debug, timing and memory profiling output objects, and error checking methods
GeometricGenerator< T, lno_t, gno_t, node_t >
Zoltan2::GidLookupHelper< T, lno_t >A class to do GID lookups
Zoltan2::GraphInput< User >GraphInput defines the interface for graph input adapters
Zoltan2::GraphModel< Adapter >GraphModel defines the interface required for graph models
Hole< T >
Zoltan2::IdentifierInput< User >IdentifierInput defines the interface for identifiers
Zoltan2::IdentifierMap< User >An IdentifierMap manages a global space of object identifiers
Zoltan2::IdentifierModel< Adapter >IdentifierModel defines the interface for all identifier models
Zoltan2::IdentifierTraits< T >The functions to be defined for users' global ID types
Zoltan2::InputAdapter< User >InputAdapter defines methods required by all InputAdapters
Zoltan2::InputTraits< User >The traits required of User input classes or structures
Zoltan2::IntegerRangeListValidator< Integral >A ParameterList validator for integer range lists
Zoltan2::IntegerRangeListValidatorXMLConverter< Integral >XML conversion code for IntegerRangeListValidator
Zoltan2::MatrixInput< User >MatrixInput defines the interface for input adapters for matrices
Zoltan2::MeshInput< User >MeshInput defines the interface for mesh input adapters
Zoltan2::MetricOutputManager< T >MetricOutputManager handles output of profiling messages
Zoltan2::MetricValues< scalar_t >A class containing the metrics for one measurable item
Zoltan2::Model< Adapter >The base class for all model classes
Zoltan2::OrderingProblem< Adapter >OrderingProblem sets up ordering problems for the user
Zoltan2::OrderingSolution< gid_t, lno_t >The class containing ordering solutions and metrics
Zoltan2::PartitioningProblem< Adapter >PartitioningProblem sets up partitioning problems for the user
Zoltan2::PartitioningSolution< Adapter >A PartitioningSolution is a solution to a partitioning problem
Zoltan2::PartitioningSolutionQuality< Adapter >A class that computes and returns quality metrics
Zoltan2::pqJagged_PartVertices< lno_t, partId_t >A helper class containing array representation of coordinate linked lists
Teuchos::PQJaggedCombinedMinMaxTotalReductionOp< Ordinal, T >
Teuchos::PQJaggedCombinedReductionOp< Ordinal, T >
Zoltan2::Problem< Adapter >Problem base class from which other classes (PartitioningProblem, ColoringProblem, OrderingProblem, MatchingProblem, etc.) derive
RectangleHole< T >
RectangularPrismHole< T >
Zoltan2::SolutionJust a placeholder for now
SphereHole< T >
SquareHole< T >
SteppedEquation< T, weighttype >Expression is a generic following method
Zoltan2::StridedData< lno_t, scalar_t >The StridedData class manages lists of weights or coordinates
Zoltan2::UndefIdTraits< T >Structure to catch invalid user ID types
UserIdTraits< T >
UserIdTraits< int >
UserIdTraits< long >
UserIdTraits< std::pair< int, int > >
UserInputForTestsA class that generates typical user input for testing
Zoltan2::VectorInput< User >VectorInput defines the interface for vector input adapters
WeightDistribution< T, weighttype >
Zoltan2::XpetraCrsGraphInput< User >Provides access for Zoltan2 to Xpetra::CrsGraph data
Zoltan2::XpetraCrsMatrixInput< User >Provides access for Zoltan2 to Xpetra::CrsMatrix data
Zoltan2::XpetraMultiVectorInput< User >An input adapter for Xpetra::MultiVector
Zoltan2::XpetraRowMatrixInput< User >Provides access for Zoltan2 to Xpetra::CRowatrix data
Zoltan2::XpetraTraits< User >Defines the traits required for Tpetra, Eptra and Xpetra objects
Zoltan2::XpetraVectorInput< User >Provides access for Zoltan2 to an Xpetra::Vector
Zoltan2::Zoltan2_MinMaxOperation< T >Teuchos reduction operation
Teuchos::Zoltan2_RCBOperation< Ordinal, T >A Teuchos::MPIComm reduction operation