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Zoltan2::IdentifierInput< User > Member List
This is the complete list of members for Zoltan2::IdentifierInput< User >, including all inherited members.
applyPartitioningSolution(User &in, User *&out, const PartitioningSolution< Adapter > &solution) const Zoltan2::IdentifierInput< User > [inline]
getIdentifierList(gid_t const *&Ids) const =0Zoltan2::IdentifierInput< User > [pure virtual]
getIdentifierWeights(int dimension, const scalar_t *&weights, int &stride) const =0Zoltan2::IdentifierInput< User > [pure virtual]
getLocalNumberOfIdentifiers() const =0Zoltan2::IdentifierInput< User > [pure virtual]
getLocalNumberOfObjects() const =0Zoltan2::InputAdapter< User > [pure virtual]
getNumberOfWeights() const =0Zoltan2::IdentifierInput< User > [pure virtual]
getNumberOfWeightsPerObject() const =0Zoltan2::InputAdapter< User > [pure virtual]
getObjectWeights(int dim, const scalar_t *&wgt, int &stride) const =0Zoltan2::InputAdapter< User > [pure virtual]
inputAdapterName() const =0Zoltan2::InputAdapter< User > [pure virtual]
inputAdapterType() const Zoltan2::IdentifierInput< User > [inline, virtual]
inputAdapterTypeName(InputAdapterType iaType)Zoltan2::InputAdapter< User > [static]
~IdentifierInput()Zoltan2::IdentifierInput< User > [inline, virtual]
~InputAdapter()Zoltan2::InputAdapter< User > [inline, virtual]