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xml2dox.py File Reference

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namespace  xml2dox


def xml2dox::parameterDocumentationHeader
def xml2dox::parameterDocumentationFooter
def xml2dox::parameterEnhancedNumber
def xml2dox::parameterIntegerRangeList
def xml2dox::parameterFileName
def xml2dox::parameterAnyNumber
def xml2dox::parameterStringToIntegral
def xml2dox::parameterString
def xml2dox::writeInfo


tuple xml2dox::outfile = open("parameters.dox", "w")
tuple xml2dox::tree = ET.parse("../data/parameters.xml")
tuple xml2dox::root = tree.getroot()
list xml2dox::validators = []
dictionary xml2dox::vals = {}
tuple xml2dox::id = node.get("validatorId")
list xml2dox::parameterInfo = []
 Create list of a 3-tuples for each parameter, including the parameter name, its data, and its validator.
tuple xml2dox::paramName = node.get("name")