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TriKota::Driver Class Reference

Class which wraps library-mode Dakota calls into a few simple steps. More...

#include <TriKota_Driver.hpp>

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 Driver (const char *dakota_in="", const char *dakota_out="dakota.out", const char *dakota_err="dakota.err", const char *dakota_restart_out="dakota_restart.out", const char *dakota_restart_in=NULL, const int stop_restart_evals=0)
int getAnalysisComm ()
 Accessor to get an MPI_Comm from Dakota. This allows Dakota to choose the parallelism, and the application to be constructed as a second step using this communicator. If the application is built on MPI_COMM_WORLD, then this call can be used to verify that Dakota is running in that mode as well.
Dakota::ProblemDescDB & getProblemDescDB ()
 Accessor to get problem description from Dakota. This hook is used within TriKota::DirectApplicInterface to (re)set the initial parameters in Dakota using those selected in the model evaluator.
void run (Dakota::DirectApplicInterface *appInterface)
 Main call to execute the dakota analysis. The argument may be of type TriKota::DirectApplicInterface, whoch wraps an EpetraExt::ModelEvaluator.
const Dakota::Variables getFinalSolution () const
 Accessor for final parameters after an optimization run.
bool rankZero () const
 Query if current processor is rankZero for this iterator.

Detailed Description

Class which wraps library-mode Dakota calls into a few simple steps.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

TriKota::Driver::Driver ( const char *  dakota_in = "",
const char *  dakota_out = "dakota.out",
const char *  dakota_err = "dakota.err",
const char *  dakota_restart_out = "dakota_restart.out",
const char *  dakota_restart_in = NULL,
const int  stop_restart_evals = 0 

Constructor, with all dakota filenames having default values Reading a restart file is off by default. Number of restart entries to read, if turned on, defaults to all (0 flag value)

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