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GlobiPack::ArmijoPolyInterpLineSearch< Scalar >Linesearch subclass implementing a backtracking-only line search using an Armijo cord test condition and a quadratic interploation
GlobiPack::Brents1DMinimization< Scalar >Simple concrete class that implements a 1D algorithm to mimimize a 1D function
GlobiPack::BrentsLineSearch< Scalar >Linesearch subclass implementing a function-value-only approximate minimization algorithm using bracketing and then Brent's 1D minimization method
GlobiPack::GoldenQuadInterpBracket< Scalar >Simple concrete class that implements a 1D algorithm to bracket the minimum of a 1D merit function
GlobiPack::LineSearchBase< Scalar >Base class for 1D linearsearch algorithms
GlobiPack::MeritFunc1DBase< Scalar >Base class for 1D merit fucntions used in globalization methods
GlobiPack::Exceptions::NotDescentDirectionThrown if search direction not a descent direction for the merit function
GlobiPack::PointEval1D< Scalar >Represents the evaluation point of the merit function phi(alpha) and/or is derivative Dphi(alpha)
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