Ifpack2 Templated Preconditioning Package Version 1.0
Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
Ifpack2::AdditiveSchwarz< MatrixType, LocalInverseType >Additive Schwarz domain decomposition for Tpetra sparse matrices
Ifpack2::BelosScalarType< ScalarType >A traits class for determining the scalar type to use for Belos
Ifpack2::BlockRelaxation< MatrixType, ContainerType >Block relaxation preconditioners (or smoothers) for Tpetra::RowMatrix and Tpetra::CrsMatrix sparse matrices
Ifpack2::BorderedOperator< Scalar, LocalOrdinal, GlobalOrdinal, Node >Ifpack2 bordered operator
Ifpack2::Details::Chebyshev< ScalarType, MV, MAT >Left-scaled Chebyshev iteration
Ifpack2::Container< MatrixType >Interface for creating and solving a local linear problem
Ifpack2::DenseContainer< MatrixType, LocalScalarType >Store and solve a local dense linear problem
Ifpack2::Diagonal< MatrixType >A class for diagonal preconditioning
Ifpack2::DiagonalFilter< MatrixType >Ifpack2_DiagonalFilter: Filter to modify the diagonal entries of a given Tpetra_RowMatrix
Ifpack2::DropFilter< MatrixType >Ifpack2::DropFilter: Filter based on matrix entries
Ifpack2::FactoryA factory class to create Ifpack2 preconditioners
Ifpack2::IlukGraph< GraphType >A class for constructing level filled graphs for use with ILU(k) class preconditioners
Ifpack2::ILUT< MatrixType >ILUT (incomplete LU factorization with threshold) of a Tpetra sparse matrix
Ifpack2::Krylov< MatrixType, PrecType >A class for constructing and using a CG/GMRES smoother
Ifpack2::LinearPartitioner< GraphType >A class to define linear partitions
Ifpack2::LocalFilter< MatrixType >Access only local rows and columns of a sparse matrix
Ifpack2::Details::MultiVectorLocalGatherScatter< MV_in, MV_out >Implementation detail of Ifpack2::Container subclasses
Ifpack2::OverlapGraph< LocalOrdinal, GlobalOrdinal, Node >Construct an overlapped graph from a given nonoverlapping graph
Ifpack2::OverlappingPartitioner< GraphType >
Ifpack2::Details::OverlappingRowGraph< GraphType >Sparse graph (Tpetra::RowGraph subclass) with ghost rows
Ifpack2::OverlappingRowMatrix< MatrixType >Sparse matrix (Tpetra::RowMatrix subclass) with ghost rows
Ifpack2::Partitioner< GraphType >Ifpack2::Partitioner:
Ifpack2::Preconditioner< Scalar, LocalOrdinal, GlobalOrdinal, Node >Base class for all Ifpack2 preconditioners
Ifpack2::Relaxation< MatrixType >Relaxation preconditioners for Tpetra::RowMatrix and Tpetra::CrsMatrix sparse matrices
Ifpack2::ReorderFilter< MatrixType >Ifpack2::ReorderFilter: a class for light-weight reorder of local rows and columns of an Tpetra::RowMatrix
Ifpack2::RILUK< MatrixType >ILU(k) (incomplete LU with fill level k) factorization of a given Tpetra::RowMatrix
Ifpack2::SingletonFilter< MatrixType >Ifpack2_SingletonFilter: Filter based on matrix entries
Ifpack2::SparseContainer< MatrixType, InverseType >Store and solve a local sparse linear problem
Ifpack2::SparsityFilter< MatrixType >Drop entries of a matrix, based on the sparsity pattern
Ifpack2::Details::UserPartitioner< GraphType >Partition in which the user can define a nonoverlapping partition of the graph in any way they choose
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