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Trilinos/Kokkos: Shared-memory programming interface and computational kernels


The Kokkos package has two main components. The first, Kokkos Array, implements a performance-portable shared-memory parallel programming model and data containers. Kokkos Array lets you write an algorithm once, and just change a template parameter to get the optimal data layout for your hardware. It has back-ends for the following parallel programming models:

Kokkos Array also has optimizations for shared-memory parallel systems with nonuniform memory access (NUMA). Its containers can hold data of any type Scalar that implements a certain basic interface and satisfies certain properties. Kokkos Array may be used as a stand-alone programming model.

The second Kokkos component consists of computational kernels that support the Tpetra package. These kernels include sparse matrix-vector multiply, sparse triangular solve, Gauss-Seidel, and dense vector operations. They are templated on the type of objects (Scalar) on which they operate. This component was not meant to be visible to users; it is an implementation detail of the Tpetra distributed linear algebra package.

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