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Thyra::IfpackPreconditionerFactory Class Reference

Concrete preconditioner factory subclass based on Ifpack. More...

#include <Thyra_IfpackPreconditionerFactory.hpp>

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 IfpackPreconditionerFactory ()
 STANDARD_COMPOSITION_MEMBERS (EpetraOperatorViewExtractorBase, epetraFwdOpViewExtractor)
 Set the strategy object used to extract an Epetra_Operator view of an input forward operator.

Overridden from PreconditionerFactoryBase

bool isCompatible (const LinearOpSourceBase< double > &fwdOpSrc) const
bool applySupportsConj (EConj conj) const
bool applyTransposeSupportsConj (EConj conj) const
< PreconditionerBase< double > > 
createPrec () const
void initializePrec (const Teuchos::RCP< const LinearOpSourceBase< double > > &fwdOpSrc, PreconditionerBase< double > *prec, const ESupportSolveUse supportSolveUse) const
void uninitializePrec (PreconditionerBase< double > *prec, Teuchos::RCP< const LinearOpSourceBase< double > > *fwdOpSrc, ESupportSolveUse *supportSolveUse) const

Overridden from ParameterListAcceptor

void setParameterList (Teuchos::RCP< Teuchos::ParameterList > const &paramList)
< Teuchos::ParameterList
getNonconstParameterList ()
< Teuchos::ParameterList
unsetParameterList ()
Teuchos::RCP< const
getParameterList () const
Teuchos::RCP< const
getValidParameters () const

Public functions overridden from Teuchos::Describable.

std::string description () const

Detailed Description

Concrete preconditioner factory subclass based on Ifpack.

ToDo: Finish documentation!

Definition at line 56 of file Thyra_IfpackPreconditionerFactory.hpp.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Thyra::IfpackPreconditionerFactory::IfpackPreconditionerFactory ( )

Definition at line 89 of file Thyra_IfpackPreconditionerFactory.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

Thyra::IfpackPreconditionerFactory::STANDARD_COMPOSITION_MEMBERS ( EpetraOperatorViewExtractorBase  ,

Set the strategy object used to extract an Epetra_Operator view of an input forward operator.

This view will then be dynamically casted to Epetra_RowMatrix before it is used.

The default implementation used is EpetraOperatorViewExtractorBase.

bool Thyra::IfpackPreconditionerFactory::isCompatible ( const LinearOpSourceBase< double > &  fwdOpSrc) const [virtual]
bool Thyra::IfpackPreconditionerFactory::applySupportsConj ( EConj  conj) const [virtual]
bool Thyra::IfpackPreconditionerFactory::applyTransposeSupportsConj ( EConj  conj) const [virtual]
Teuchos::RCP< PreconditionerBase< double > > Thyra::IfpackPreconditionerFactory::createPrec ( ) const [virtual]
void Thyra::IfpackPreconditionerFactory::initializePrec ( const Teuchos::RCP< const LinearOpSourceBase< double > > &  fwdOpSrc,
PreconditionerBase< double > *  prec,
const ESupportSolveUse  supportSolveUse 
) const [virtual]
void Thyra::IfpackPreconditionerFactory::uninitializePrec ( PreconditionerBase< double > *  prec,
Teuchos::RCP< const LinearOpSourceBase< double > > *  fwdOpSrc,
ESupportSolveUse supportSolveUse 
) const [virtual]
void Thyra::IfpackPreconditionerFactory::setParameterList ( Teuchos::RCP< Teuchos::ParameterList > const &  paramList) [virtual]
Teuchos::RCP< Teuchos::ParameterList > Thyra::IfpackPreconditionerFactory::getNonconstParameterList ( ) [virtual]
Teuchos::RCP< Teuchos::ParameterList > Thyra::IfpackPreconditionerFactory::unsetParameterList ( ) [virtual]
Teuchos::RCP< const Teuchos::ParameterList > Thyra::IfpackPreconditionerFactory::getParameterList ( ) const [virtual]

Reimplemented from Teuchos::ParameterListAcceptor.

Definition at line 368 of file Thyra_IfpackPreconditionerFactory.cpp.

Teuchos::RCP< const Teuchos::ParameterList > Thyra::IfpackPreconditionerFactory::getValidParameters ( ) const [virtual]

Reimplemented from Teuchos::ParameterListAcceptor.

Definition at line 374 of file Thyra_IfpackPreconditionerFactory.cpp.

std::string Thyra::IfpackPreconditionerFactory::description ( ) const [virtual]

Reimplemented from Teuchos::Describable.

Definition at line 430 of file Thyra_IfpackPreconditionerFactory.cpp.

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