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Approximate Minimum Degree Ordering

AMD algorithm

AMD is a serial ordering algorithm for sparse matrices. The goal is to minimize the fill-in in a direct sparse LU factorization. Zoltan2 uses the AMD package from University of Florida to compute this ordering. AMD package has to be enabled as a TPL in Trilinos. Note that AMD package depends on another package UFconfig from University of Florida, for just a header file. See zoltan2/sampleScripts/configureAMD to enable AMD and set the path to UFconfig.

AMD can be downloaded from http://www.cise.ufl.edu/research/sparse/amd/

UFconfig can be downloaded from http://www.cise.ufl.edu/research/sparse/UFconfig/


AMD expects a Zoltan2::GraphModel object.


None supported yet.


AMD solution is a permutation, currently given as a list of local ids.

Quality measures

None supported yet.


See Zoltan2/test/order/orderingAMD.cpp


Zoltan2_AlgAMD.hpp is the source file for AMD.