ML_Struct Struct Reference

#include <ml_struct.h>

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Public Attributes

int id
int ML_init_flag
int ML_scheme
int ML_num_levels
int ML_num_actual_levels
int ML_num_transfers
int ML_finest_level
int ML_coarsest_level
int symmetrize_matrix
int output_level
int res_output_freq
double tolerance
int max_iterations
double * spectral_radius
ML_Smoother * pre_smoother
ML_Smoother * post_smoother
ML_CSolve * csolve
ML_Grid * Grid
ML_BdryPts * BCs
ML_Mapper * eqn2grid
ML_Mapper * grid2eqn
ML_1Level * SingleLevel
ML_DVector * Amat_Normalization
ML_Timing * timing
ML_Comm * comm
int * int_options
double * dble_options
void * void_options
int(* func )(void)

Detailed Description

This is the primary data structure which users interact directly with via the provided functions. --------------------------------------------------------------------

Member Data Documentation

ML_Comm* ML_Struct::comm

Used for timing information.

double* ML_Struct::dble_options

optional integer parameters

int(* ML_Struct::func)(void)

optional other parameters

int* ML_Struct::int_options

communicator for ML

int ML_Struct::ML_coarsest_level

number of transfers

int ML_Struct::ML_finest_level

number of transfers

int ML_Struct::ML_num_actual_levels

number of levels available

int ML_Struct::ML_num_levels

which ML scheme to pick

int ML_Struct::ML_num_transfers

by the multigrid method.

int ML_Struct::ML_scheme

indicate initialization done

void* ML_Struct::void_options

optional double parameters

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