Step 1: Download, Configure, Compile, and Install NOX

Downloading and Unpacking NOX

If you have not already done so, you'll need to download NOX; see Downloads. You can download NOX as a standalone package or as part of Trilinos.

If you download it as part of Trilinos, you should follow the Trilinos instructions for configuring, compiling and installing.
To unpack NOX, type

gunzip -c nox-\<version\>.tar.gz | tar -xzvf -

This will create a directory named nox-<version> containing the source code for NOX. Rename this direction to nox; i.e.,

mv nox-\<version\> nox

Configuring NOX

Change directories to the nox directory:

cd nox

Run the configure script, which will create a Makefile customized to your machine.


There are many options that can be passed to the configure script, and they will be discussed as appropriate. For a full listing, see NOX Configuration Options.

If you have previously run the configure script and compiled the code, be sure to type "make clean" before re-running the configure script.

Compiling NOX

To compile NOX, simply type:

Installing NOX

To install NOX, type
make install

By default, NOX will be installed in /usr/local. If you prefer that it be installed in a different directory, that can be specified using the --prefix=PREFIX configuration option.

If you have problems...

If you have problems configuring and compiling NOX, please report them using Bugzilla; see Reporting Bugs and Making Enhancement Requests for more information.

Moving on...

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