Teuchos - Trilinos Tools Package File List

Here is a list of all files with brief descriptions:
Teuchos_any.hpp [code]Modified boost::any class for holding a templated value
Teuchos_Array.hpp [code]Templated array class derived from the STL vector
Teuchos_arrayArg.hpp [code]Utility that allows arrays to be passed into argument list
Teuchos_basic_oblackholestream.hpp [code]
Teuchos_BLAS.hpp [code]Templated interface class to BLAS routines
Teuchos_BLAS_types.hpp [code]Enumerated types for BLAS input characters
Teuchos_BLAS_wrappers.hpp [code]The Templated BLAS wrappers
Teuchos_CommandLineProcessor.cpp [code]
Teuchos_CommandLineProcessor.hpp [code]Basic command line parser for input from (argc,argv[])
Teuchos_CompObject.cpp [code]
Teuchos_CompObject.hpp [code]Object for storing data and providing functionality that is common to all computational classes
Teuchos_ConfigDefs.hpp [code]Teuchos header file which uses auto-configuration information to include necessary C++ headers
Teuchos_DataAccess.hpp [code]Teuchos::DataAccess Mode enumerable type
Teuchos_dyn_cast.cpp [code]
Teuchos_dyn_cast.hpp [code]
Teuchos_ExpatHandlerAdapter.cpp [code]
Teuchos_ExpatHandlerAdapter.hpp [code]Expat adapter for the TreeBuildingXMLHandler
Teuchos_F77_wrappers.h [code]Macros for portably calling Fortran77 from C/C++
Teuchos_FileInputSource.cpp [code]
Teuchos_FileInputSource.hpp [code]Definition of XMLInputSource derived class for reading XML from a file
Teuchos_FileInputStream.cpp [code]
Teuchos_FileInputStream.hpp [code]Definition of XMLInputStream derived class for reading XML from a file
Teuchos_Flops.cpp [code]
Teuchos_Flops.hpp [code]Object for providing basic support and consistent interfaces for counting/reporting floating-point operations performed in Teuchos computational classes
Teuchos_HashSet.hpp [code]Templated hashtable-based set
Teuchos_Hashtable.hpp [code]Templated hashtable class
Teuchos_HashUtils.cpp [code]
Teuchos_HashUtils.hpp [code]Utilities for generating hashcodes
Teuchos_LAPACK.hpp [code]Templated interface class to LAPACK routines
Teuchos_LAPACK_wrappers.hpp [code]The Templated LAPACK wrappers
Teuchos_map.hpp [code]Provides map class for deficient platforms
Teuchos_MPIComm.cpp [code]
Teuchos_MPIComm.hpp [code]Object representation of a MPI communicator
Teuchos_MPIContainerComm.hpp [code]Object representation of an MPI communicator for templated containers
Teuchos_MPISession.cpp [code]
Teuchos_MPISession.hpp [code]A MPI utilities class, providing methods for initializing, finalizing, and querying the global MPI session
Teuchos_MPITraits.hpp [code]Declaration of a templated traits class for binding MPI types to C++ types
Teuchos_Object.cpp [code]
Teuchos_Object.hpp [code]The base Teuchos object
Teuchos_oblackholestream.hpp [code]
Teuchos_OrdinalTraits.hpp [code]Defines basic traits for the ordinal field type
Teuchos_ParameterEntry.cpp [code]
Teuchos_ParameterEntry.hpp [code]Object held as the "value" in the Teuchos::ParameterList map
Teuchos_ParameterList.cpp [code]
Teuchos_ParameterList.hpp [code]Templated Parameter List class
Teuchos_PrimitiveTypeTraits.hpp [code]Declaration of a templated traits class for decomposing an object into an array of primitive objects
Teuchos_RawMPITraits.hpp [code]Declaration of a templated traits class that returns raw MPI data types
Teuchos_RefCountPtr.cpp [code]
Teuchos_RefCountPtr.hpp [code]Reference-counted pointer class and non-member templated function implementations
Teuchos_RefCountPtrDecl.hpp [code]Reference-counted pointer class and non-member templated function definitions
Teuchos_ScalarTraits.hpp [code]Defines basic traits for the scalar field type
Teuchos_SerialDenseMatrix.hpp [code]Templated serial dense matrix class
Teuchos_SerialDenseVector.hpp [code]Templated serial dense vector class
Teuchos_StandardMemberCompositionMacros.hpp [code]Macro that adds <<std member="" comp="">> members as attribute members for any class
Teuchos_StringInputSource.cpp [code]
Teuchos_StringInputSource.hpp [code]Definition of XMLInputSource derived class for reading XML from a string
Teuchos_StringInputStream.cpp [code]
Teuchos_StringInputStream.hpp [code]Definition of XMLInputStream derived class for reading XML from a string
Teuchos_StrUtils.cpp [code]
Teuchos_StrUtils.hpp [code]A string utilities class for Teuchos
Teuchos_TestForException.cpp [code]
Teuchos_TestForException.hpp [code]Macro for throwing an exception with breakpointing to ease debugging
Teuchos_Time.cpp [code]
Teuchos_Time.hpp [code]Basic wall-clock timer class
Teuchos_TimeMonitor.cpp [code]
Teuchos_TimeMonitor.hpp [code]Timer class that starts when constructed and stops when the destructor is called
Teuchos_TreeBuildingXMLHandler.cpp [code]
Teuchos_TreeBuildingXMLHandler.hpp [code]Defines a class for assembling an XMLObject from XML input
Teuchos_Utils.cpp [code]
Teuchos_Utils.hpp [code]A utilities class for Teuchos
Teuchos_Version.hpp [code]
Teuchos_XMLInputSource.cpp [code]
Teuchos_XMLInputSource.hpp [code]A base class for defining a source of XML input
Teuchos_XMLInputStream.cpp [code]
Teuchos_XMLInputStream.hpp [code]A base class for defining a XML input stream
Teuchos_XMLObject.cpp [code]
Teuchos_XMLObject.hpp [code]An object representation of a subset of XML data
Teuchos_XMLObjectImplem.cpp [code]
Teuchos_XMLObjectImplem.hpp [code]Low level implementation of XMLObject

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