Trilinos/AztecOO: Object-Oriented Aztec Linear Solver Package.



AztecOO provides an object-oriented interface the the well-known Aztec solver library. Furthermore, it allows flexible construction of matrix and vector arguments via Epetra matrix and vector classes. Finally, AztecOO provide additional functionality not found in Aztec and any future enhancements to the Aztec package will be available only through the AztecOO interfaces.


AztecOO contains a number of classes. They are:

AztecOO and Matrix Free usage.

AztecOO supports a ``matrix-free'' mechanism via the pure virtual class Epetra_RowMatrix. This class is part of Epetra and is implemented by the Epetra_CrsMatrix and Epetra_VbrMatrix classes. It is possible to implement Epetra_RowMatrix using other matrix classes. AztecOO can then use this alternate implementation to provide the matrix multiply capabilities, and to obtain row value information from the matrix for constructing preconditioners. For details of Epetra, see the Epetra home page.
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