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Ifpack: a function class to define Ifpack preconditioners. More...

#include <Ifpack.h>

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Public Types

enum  parameter {
  absolute_threshold, relative_threshold, drop_tolerance, fill_tolerance,
  relax_value, level_fill, level_overlap, num_steps,
  use_reciprocal, overlap_mode

Public Member Functions

Ifpack_PreconditionerCreate (const string PrecType, Epetra_RowMatrix *Matrix, const int overlap=0)
 Creates an instance of Ifpack_Preconditioner.
int SetParameters (int argc, char *argv[], Teuchos::ParameterList &List, string &PrecType, int &Overlap)
 Sets the options in List from the command line.

Detailed Description

Ifpack: a function class to define Ifpack preconditioners.

Class Ifpack is a function class, that contains just one method: Create(). Using Create(), users can easily define a variety of IFPACK preconditioners.

Create requires 3 arguments:

The first argument can assume the following values:

Objects in stand-alone mode cannot use reordering, variable overlap, and singleton filters. However, their construction can be slightly faster than the non stand-alone counterpart.

The following fragment of code shows the basic usage of this class.

#include "Ifpack.h"


Ifpack Factory;

Epetra_RowMatrix* A; // A is FillComplete()'d.
string PrecType = "ILU"; // use incomplete LU on each process
int OverlapLevel = 1; // one row of overlap among the processes
Ifpack_Preconditioner* Prec = Factory.Create(PrecType, A, OverlapLevel);
assert (Prec != 0);

Teuchos::ParameterList List;
List.set("fact: level-of-fill", 5); // use ILU(5)


// now Prec can be used as AztecOO preconditioner
// like for instance
AztecOO AztecOOSolver(*Problem);

// specify solver

// Set Prec as preconditioning operator

// Call the solver

// print information on stdout
cout << *Prec;

// delete the preconditioner
delete Prec;

Marzio Sala, SNL 9214
Last updated on 25-Jan-05.

Member Function Documentation

Ifpack_Preconditioner * Ifpack::Create const string  PrecType,
Epetra_RowMatrix Matrix,
const int  overlap = 0

Creates an instance of Ifpack_Preconditioner.

Creates an Ifpack_Preconditioner.

PrecType (In) - type of preconditioner to be created.
Matrix (In) - Matrix used to define the preconditioner
overlap (In) - specified overlap, defaulted to 0.

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