Anasazi::LOCAMultiVec Class Reference

Implementation of the Anasazi::MultiVec for NOX::Abstract::Vectors. More...

#include <Anasazi_LOCA_MultiVec.H>

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Public Member Functions

 LOCAMultiVec (const NOX::Abstract::Vector &N_vec, int NumVecs)
 LOCAMultiVec (const vector< NOX::Abstract::Vector * > N_vecPtrs, Anasazi::DataAccess type=Anasazi::Copy)
 LOCAMultiVec (const LOCAMultiVec &source, Anasazi::DataAccess type=Anasazi::Copy)
 LOCAMultiVec (Anasazi::DataAccess type, const LOCAMultiVec &source, const std::vector< int > &index)
 ~LOCAMultiVec ()
virtual Anasazi::MultiVec<
double > * 
Clone (const int n) const
 Create a new MultiVec with n columns.
virtual Anasazi::MultiVec<
double > * 
CloneCopy () const
 Create a new MultiVec as a copy of this.
virtual Anasazi::MultiVec<
double > * 
CloneCopy (const std::vector< int > &index) const
 Create a new MultiVec as a copy of selected columns.
virtual Anasazi::MultiVec<
double > * 
CloneView (const std::vector< int > &index)
 Create a new MultiVec as a view of selected columns.
virtual int GetNumberVecs () const
 Returns number of vectors.
virtual int GetVecLength () const
 Returns vector length.
virtual void SetBlock (const Anasazi::MultiVec< double > &A, const std::vector< int > &index)
 Set a block of this multivec with the multivecs specified by the index.
virtual void MvTimesMatAddMv (const double alpha, const Anasazi::MultiVec< double > &A, const Teuchos::SerialDenseMatrix< int, double > &B, const double beta)
 *this <- alpha * A * B + beta * (*this)
virtual void MvAddMv (const double alpha, const Anasazi::MultiVec< double > &A, const double beta, const Anasazi::MultiVec< double > &B)
 *this <- alpha * A + beta * B
virtual void MvTransMv (const double alpha, const Anasazi::MultiVec< double > &A, Teuchos::SerialDenseMatrix< int, double > &B) const
 B <- alpha * A^T * (*this).
virtual void MvDot (const Anasazi::MultiVec< double > &A, std::vector< double > *b) const
 b[i] = A[i]^T*this[i] where A[i] is the i-th column of A.
virtual void MvNorm (std::vector< double > *normvec) const
 alpha[i] = norm of i-th column of (*this)
virtual void MvRandom ()
 random vectors in i-th column of (*this)
virtual void MvInit (const double alpha)
 initializes each element of (*this) with alpha
virtual void MvPrint () const
 print (*this)
virtual NOX::Abstract::VectorGetNOXVector (int index)
 Return a reference to NOX::Abstract::Vector.
virtual const NOX::Abstract::VectorGetNOXVector (int index) const
 Return a const reference to NOX::Abstract::Vector.

Protected Attributes

vector< NOX::Abstract::Vector * > mvPtrs
 Array of vectors.
Anasazi::DataAccess CV
 View or Copy.

Detailed Description

Implementation of the Anasazi::MultiVec for NOX::Abstract::Vectors.

This class provides an implementation of the Anasazi::MultiVec class for NOX::Abstract::Vector's, to be used in conjunction with the Anasazi::LOCA::Matrix class. In its current implementation, this class holds an array of NOX::Abstract::Vector pointers, an implements the multi-vector operations defined by the Anasazi::MultiVec interface serially.

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