LOCA::Continuation::AnasaziGroup Class Reference

LOCA eigenvalue driver using Anasazi More...

#include <LOCA_Continuation_AnasaziGroup.H>

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Public Member Functions

 AnasaziGroup ()
 Default constructor.
 AnasaziGroup (const AnasaziGroup &source, NOX::CopyType type=NOX::DeepCopy)
 Copy constructor.
virtual ~AnasaziGroup ()
virtual AnasaziGroupoperator= (const AnasaziGroup &source)
 Assignment operator.
virtual NOX::Abstract::Group::ReturnType computeEigenvalues (NOX::Parameter::List &params)
 Computes leading eigenvalues/eigenvectors using Anasazi package.

Protected Attributes

int eigenvalCounter
 Step counter for option of computing eigenvalues every n continuation steps.

Detailed Description

LOCA eigenvalue driver using Anasazi

This class provides a concrete implementation of the computeEigenvalues() method of the LOCA::Continuation::AbstractGroup using Anasazi, the generic Trilinos eigensolver. Eigenvalues of the Jacobian and generalized eigenvalues of the Jacobian/mass matrix are supported using shift-invert, as well as generalized Cayley transformations.

Member Function Documentation

NOX::Abstract::Group::ReturnType LOCA::Continuation::AnasaziGroup::computeEigenvalues NOX::Parameter::List params  )  [virtual]

Computes leading eigenvalues/eigenvectors using Anasazi package.

Driver for eigensolver, including preprocessing of parameters, generating initial vector, calling eigensolver, and post-processing of the results.

Reimplemented from LOCA::Continuation::AbstractGroup.

Reimplemented in LOCA::LAPACK::Group.

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