LOCA::MultiStepper Class Reference

Implementation of LOCA::Abstract::Iterator for computing points along a continuation curve. More...

#include <LOCA_MultiStepper.H>

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Public Member Functions

 MultiStepper (LOCA::MultiContinuation::AbstractGroup &initialGuess, NOX::StatusTest::Generic &t, NOX::Parameter::List &p)
virtual ~MultiStepper ()
virtual bool reset (LOCA::MultiContinuation::AbstractGroup &initialGuess, NOX::StatusTest::Generic &t, NOX::Parameter::List &p)
 Reset the Stepper to start a new continuation run.
virtual LOCA::Abstract::Iterator::IteratorStatus run ()
 Run continuation.
virtual LOCA::MultiContinuation::AbstractGroupgetSolutionGroup ()
 Return the current solution group.
virtual const NOX::Parameter::ListgetParameterList () const
 Return the output parameters from the stepper algorithm.

Protected Member Functions

 MultiStepper (const MultiStepper &s)
 Copy Constructor: Not implemented, but put here to prevent compiler form generating one.
virtual void printInitializationInfo ()
 Print to the screen the initialization information.
virtual void getConParamData ()
 Parses parameter list to get continuation parameter data.

Protected Attributes

 Bifurcation group manager.
 Pointer to bifurcation group.
 Pointer to the Group with the initial guess for the nonlinear solver. This is used for resetting the nonlinear solver in between successful steps.
 Pointer to the status test.
 Pointer to parameter list passed in constructor/reset method.
 Solver (a.k.a corrector).
LOCA::ParameterVector paramVec
 Stores continuation parameter vector.
vector< int > conParamIDVec
 Stores vector of continuation parameter IDs.
list< ParamData > conParamData
 Stores list of continuation parameter data.

Detailed Description

Implementation of LOCA::Abstract::Iterator for computing points along a continuation curve.

The Stepper class implements the pure virtual methods of the LOCA::Abstract::Iterator for iteratively computing points along a continuation curve.

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