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#include <LOCA_Predictor_Constant.H>

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Public Member Functions

 Constant (NOX::Parameter::List &params)
virtual ~Constant ()
virtual NOX::Abstract::Group::ReturnType reset (NOX::Parameter::List &params)
 Reset parameters.
virtual NOX::Abstract::Group::ReturnType compute (bool baseOnSecant, double stepSize, LOCA::Continuation::ExtendedGroup &prevGroup, LOCA::Continuation::ExtendedGroup &curGroup, LOCA::Continuation::ExtendedVector &result)
 Computes the constant predictor as described above.
virtual NOX::Abstract::Group::ReturnType compute (bool baseOnSecant, const vector< double > &stepSize, LOCA::MultiContinuation::ExtendedGroup &grp, LOCA::MultiContinuation::ExtendedMultiVector &prevXMultiVec, LOCA::MultiContinuation::ExtendedMultiVector &xMultiVec, LOCA::MultiContinuation::ExtendedMultiVector &result)
 Computes the constant predictor as described above.

Detailed Description

Constant predictor computation class

This class computes the constant predictor direction given by a vector of zeros for the solution vector component and 1 for the parameter component. When used with natural continuation, this corresponds to what is commonly referred to as zero'th order continuation.

Member Function Documentation

NOX::Abstract::Group::ReturnType LOCA::Predictor::Constant::reset NOX::Parameter::List params  )  [virtual]

Reset parameters.

There are now parameters for the secant predictor calculation.

Reimplemented from LOCA::Predictor::Generic.

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