The PETSc interface

At present, NOX supports a concrete implementation of the NOX::Abstract::Group and NOX::Abstract::Vector using PETSc data structures in the namespace NOX::Petsc. The current implementation has been tested against PETSc 2.1.6.

To compile the NOX/PETSc library libnoxpetsc.a, use the following configuration sequence:

setenv PETSC_DIR ${HOME}/petsc-2.1.6
setenv PETSC_ARCH linux
configure --enable-nox-petsc
This will build libnoxpetsc.a using a pre-built PETSc version 2.1.6 installed in the user's home directory on a linux machine:

If the environment variables PETSC_DIR and PETSC_ARCH have already been defined, simply use:

configure --enable-nox-petsc

A third option is to specify PETSC_DIR and PETSC_ARCH as arguments to the configure script, eg

configure --enable-nox-petsc PETSC_DIR=${HOME}/petsc-2.1.6 PETSC_ARCH=linux

To compile the examples for NOX/PETSc, an additional environment variable, PETSC_BOPT, must be defined and set to the value of BOPT used to build the user's PETSc installation. For example, for PETSc previously built debug-enabled for C++ using BOPT=g_c++, simply set PETSC_BOPT=g_c++. The configure script then allows the examples to be built using the following:

configure --enable-nox-petsc --enable-nox-petsc-examples.

Depending on the user's PETSc build, dynamically linked libraries may be used. If an error occurs when trying to run the example executable, make sure the environment variable LD_LIBRARY_PATH points to the PETSc library directory. From the example above, setting the path would likely require:


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