Teuchos_Workspace.hpp File Reference

#include "Teuchos_RefCountPtr.hpp"
#include "Teuchos_TestForException.hpp"

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namespace  Teuchos


class  Teuchos::RawWorkspace
 Encapulsation object for raw temporary workspace that has been allocated. More...
class  Teuchos::Workspace< T >
 Templated class for workspace creation. More...
class  Teuchos::WorkspaceStore
 Workspace encapsulation class. More...
class  Teuchos::WorkspaceStoreInitializeable
 WorkspaceStore class that can be used to actually reinitialize memory. More...


void set_default_workspace_store (const Teuchos::RefCountPtr< WorkspaceStore > &default_workspace_store)
 Set pointer to global workspace object.
Teuchos::RefCountPtr< WorkspaceStore > get_default_workspace_store ()
 Get the global workspace object set by set_default_workspace_store().
void print_memory_usage_stats (const WorkspaceStore *workspace_store, std::ostream &out)
 Print statistics on memory usage.

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