Teuchos - Trilinos Tools Package Class List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
Teuchos::anyModified boost::any class, which is a container for a templated value
Teuchos::Array< T >Array is a templated array class derived from the STL vector, but with index boundschecking and an extended interface
Teuchos::ArrayArg< N, T >Utility class that allows arrays to be passed into argument list
Teuchos::bad_any_castThrown if any_cast is attempted between two incompatable types
Teuchos::basic_oblackholestream< _CharT, _Traits >
Teuchos::BLAS< OrdinalType, ScalarType >The Templated BLAS Wrapper Class
Teuchos::CommandLineProcessorClass that helps parse command line input arguments from (argc,argv[]) and set options
Teuchos::CommandLineProcessor::HelpPrintedThrown if --help was specified and throwExceptions==true
Teuchos::CommandLineProcessor::ParseErrorThrown if a parse exception occurs and throwExceptions==true
Teuchos::CommandLineProcessor::UnrecognizedOptionThrown if an unrecognized option was found and throwExceptions==true
Teuchos::CompileTimeAssert< Test >If instantiated (for Test!=0) then this should not compile!
Teuchos::CompileTimeAssert< 0 >If instantiated (i.e. Test==0) then this will compile!
Teuchos::CompObjectFunctionality and data that is common to all computational classes
Teuchos::DeallocArrayDelete< T >Deallocator for new [] which calls delete []
Teuchos::DeallocDelete< T >Deallocator for new which calls delete
Teuchos::FileInputSourceInstantiation of XMLInputSource class for reading XML from a file
Teuchos::FileInputStreamInstantiation of XMLInputStream class for reading an entire document from a file
Teuchos::FlopsThe Teuchos Floating Point Operations Class
Teuchos::HashPair< Key, Value >Helper class for Teuchos::Hashtable, representing a single <key, value> pair
Teuchos::HashSet< Key >Templated hashtable-based set
Teuchos::Hashtable< Key, Value >Templated hashtable class
Teuchos::HashUtilsUtilities for generating hashcodes
Teuchos::LAPACK< OrdinalType, ScalarType >The Templated LAPACK Wrapper Class
Teuchos::m_bad_castWe create this class so that we may throw a bad_cast when appropriate and still use the TEST_FOR_EXCEPTION macro
Teuchos::mapThis class creates a basic map object for platforms where the std::map is deficient, otherwise the std::map is injected into the Teuchos namespace
Teuchos::MPICommObject representation of an MPI communicator
Teuchos::MPIContainerComm< T >Object representation of an MPI communicator for templated containers
Teuchos::MPISessionThis class provides methods for initializing, finalizing, and querying the global MPI session
Teuchos::MPITraits< T >Templated traits class that binds MPI types to C++ types
Teuchos::ObjectThe base Teuchos class
Teuchos::OrdinalTraits< T >This structure defines some basic traits for the ordinal field type
Teuchos::ParameterEntryThis object is held as the "value" in the Teuchos::ParameterList map
Teuchos::ParameterListThe Teuchos::ParameterList class provides a templated parameter list
Teuchos::ParameterXMLFileReaderReader for getting parameter lists from XML files
Teuchos::PrimitiveTypeTraits< T >A templated traits class for decomposing object into an array of primitive objects
Teuchos::RawMPITraits< T >Templated class that returns raw MPI data types
Teuchos::RawWorkspaceEncapulsation object for raw temporary workspace that has been allocated
Teuchos::RefCountPtr< T >Templated class for reference counted smart pointers (see description)
Teuchos::ScalarTraits< T >This structure defines some basic traits for a scalar field type
Teuchos::SerialDenseMatrix< OrdinalType, ScalarType >This class creates and provides basic support for dense rectangular matrix of templated type
Teuchos::SerialDenseVector< OrdinalType, ScalarType >This class creates and provides basic support for dense vectors of templated type as a specialization of Teuchos::SerialDenseMatrix. Additional methods for the SerialDenseVector class, like mathematical methods, can be found documented in SerialDenseMatrix
Teuchos::StringInputSourceInstantiation of XMLInputSource class for reading XML from a string
Teuchos::StringInputStreamInstantiation of XMLInputStream for reading an entire document from a string
Teuchos::StrUtilsProvides string manipulation utilities that are not provided in the standard C++ string class
Teuchos::TimeBasic wall-clock timer class
Teuchos::TimeMonitorA timer class that starts when constructed and stops when the destructor is called
Teuchos::TreeBuildingXMLHandlerTreeBuildingXMLHandler assembles a XMLObject from your XML input
Teuchos::UndefinedLAPACKRoutine< T >
Teuchos::UndefinedOrdinalTraits< T >This is the default structure used by OrdinalTraits<T> to produce a compile time error when the specialization does not exist for type T
Teuchos::UndefinedScalarTraits< T >This is the default structure used by ScalarTraits<T> to produce a compile time error when the specialization does not exist for type T
Teuchos::UtilsThis class provides some basic string and floating-point utilities for Teuchos
Teuchos::Workspace< T >Templated class for workspace creation
Teuchos::WorkspaceStoreWorkspace encapsulation class
Teuchos::WorkspaceStoreInitializeableWorkspaceStore class that can be used to actually reinitialize memory
Teuchos::XMLInputSourceXMLInputSource represents a source of XML input that can be parsed to produce an XMLObject
Teuchos::XMLInputStreamXMLInputStream represents an XML input stream that can be used by a XMLInputSource
Teuchos::XMLObjectRepresentation of an XML data tree. XMLObject is a ref-counted handle to a XMLObjectImplem object, allowing storage by reference
Teuchos::XMLObjectImplemThe XMLObjectImplem class takes care of the low-level implementation details of XMLObject
Teuchos::XMLParameterListReaderWrites an XML object to a parameter list
Teuchos::XMLParameterListWriterWrites a ParameterList to an XML object

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